Born and raised in South Bend Indiana, David Ankin, AKA “Doghouse” Dave, is a hands-on entrepreneur, former stunt man, motorcycle racer, and custom motor vehicle fabricator that specializes in one-off custom builds & OEM enhancements for anything with wheels! Ankin started off his career in entertainment doing live stunts as Batman for Warner Bros. in Texas. After 3 seasons there, he moved to South Carolina to focus on building businesses. This is where David earned the nickname “Doghouse Dave” as he managed and owned several popular bars along the east coast in hot spots like Myrtle Beach and Daytona, before moving up to Reidsville, NC to focus on his true passion and open the ToyMakerz shop.

“As a child, my father could fix, build and drive anything! He was a big kid at heart and still is today. In his circle he was known as “The Iron Man” because there was nothing he couldn’t make out of metal. He was always building the coolest toys. I learned a lot from watching him over the years, and he has been my biggest inspiration.”

Today, anyone looking for a motorized vehicle that is unmatched in its class calls on ToyMakerz to bring the ingenuity and the skill set to satisfy a wide array of customers, from gear heads and celebrities to international business magnets. After a few successful years in the business, Ankin met his now business partner and dear friend David Young, whom helped take things to the next level. They were approached to do a TV show around the unique builds Ankin was doing, so the dynamic duo went on to develop the ToyMakerz reality show that follows An-kin and his team as they create extreme builds, then race the heck out of them! ToyMakerz successfully aired for two seasons on Velocity with record breaking numbers, and in February 2019, will be going into its 3rd season airing now on the History channel with encore presentations on FYI.

Ankin continues, “Just as my father has inspired me, I hope to pass on that same inspiration to my son. He is already trying to take over my tool box and garage and is eager to tell me what the next build is going to be. I can already envision him as the next generation of ToyMakerz.”

The ToyMakerz TV show is shot with epic aerial cinematography and real thrilling driving sequences that feature the newest VR technology and concept animation to bring the ToyMakerz Nation inside the experience. The show even has an in-teractive companion app available on iTunes that connects fans to exclusive be-hind-the-scenes content, provides detailed information about builds, and offers exclusive deals and contests for fans to show their rides! But Ankin’s biggest suc-cess of all he says…is his son, Brayden. Follow David Ankin on Instagram @realDavidAnkin and learn more at DavidAnkin.com

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